Revival Recap

Kingsland Family,


We are rejoicing for all the great things God did through our Rick Via revival!   I want you to be aware of the following:

  1. Lost people got saved at every service during the revival…Praise God!  We will never take that for granted. Now let’s all be bold, and seek out opportunities to share the gospel….use the 3 Circles…it’s pretty easy once you get the gospel conversation started.
  2. Church people (from KBC and other churches) were inspired through Rick Via to prioritize Christ, prepare for Christ’s return at any moment, trust the Lord through life’s storms, and become a church that is on fire for God (w/ anointed preaching, strong unity, and passion for evangelism).  We want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the revival services happen (security, greeters, nursery, community meal providers, ushers, video, sound, band, staff, promotion/advertising, praying, attending, inviting, etc.). It was a sweet time together!
  3. We’ll be back Wednesday (6:30 pm) and Sunday (9:30 am & 11 am). We’re baptizing on Sunday, so if you or someone you know needs it; just let me know.
  4. In two Sundays (April 29th at 5:30 pm), we’re having a movie night/chili cook-off. Make plans to participate and to bring a friend to see “The Case for Christ.”
  5. On Monday, Bill Bradley passed away.  Pray for Judy and her family.  Visitation is on Wednesday at 6 pm at J.T. Morris in Chester.  Graveside service is on Thursday at 11 am at Sunset.
  6. Pray for Mrs. La Pierre… She has moved into hospice care.  Rick Via talked about our former pastor, Frank La Pierre, several times at the revival.  God used Pastor La Pierre and his wife in extraordinary ways in our church for many years. We are still benefiting from the buildings they built back then and from the folks who were saved and transformed by the power of the gospel 30 and 40 years ago.  Now Mrs. La Pierre is in need of our prayers and support.  Pray for her son Jan as he looks after her.
  7. Lastly, there is a spaghetti dinner (fundraiser for youth camp) in the Family Life Center after church this Sunday!

I love you in the Lord and am praying for you….Have a blessed day!

Pastor Pat

Are You Ready for Revival?

This is the week we’ve all been waiting on and praying about for so long!
Would you take a moment to pray again for Evangelist Rick Via, your church family, this community, and most importantly, yourself? We are all in need of revival. I hope to see you here for each of the 4 revival services.
If you’re willing, take a few minutes and use email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, fliers, phone calls, personal visits, and any other method at your disposal to invite folks to attend our revival services!
Even if you forgot to sign up, you can still participate in our catered banquet on Saturday night ($12 per person/$35 per family). Also, all the evening services officially begin at 6:30 pm, but there will be music starting beforehand, so if you’re already here eating, feel free to come to the worship center and get started early. We’re still feeding the community on Monday night, but we’re not prepared to accommodate church members (unless you call ahead and reserve a place so the community meal leaders can order more food if needed).
Lastly, Christy Wontz is seeking helpers to work one night in the nursery…If you’re willing, just reply to this message specifying which night you can serve. We need nursery workers for Saturday evening @ 6:30 pm, Sunday evening @ 6:30 pm, and Monday evening @ 6:30 pm.
Here’s what’s happening this week.
*Tuesday: Mission Committee meeting (6:30 pm)
*Wednesday: Adult and kids’ programs (6:30 pm)
*Thursday: Women’s Bible study (9:30 am)
*Saturday: Brocks BBQ at 5 pm (in the gym), mini-concert (6:30 pm) with an evangelistic message by Rick Via
*Sunday: Normal Sunday school classes, Rick Via will be with the youth (9:30 am), Rick Via speaking in our worship service (11 am), Youth ice cream & open gym (5 pm), Rick Via and the youth band (6:30 pm)
*Monday: Community night with Rick Via…Red Letter Society leading worship (6:30 pm)
*Next Wednesday: normal adult and kids’ programs (6:30 pm)
Let’s pray for God to move in an extraordinary way at Kingsland over the next week! Pray for God to save lost souls and bring revival to Christians that will change things (marriages, parenting, giving, witnessing, serving, loving God and others).
Thanks for being part of the KBC family…I prayed for you today!
Pastor Pat

Revival with Rick Via

We’re only 9 days away from starting revival services with Evangelist Rick Via.  Make plans to be here for each of these four extremely important meetings.

I hope that you will use every method at your disposal to invite your friends and family to join you.  We’ll kick things off April 14th with a concert at 6:30, so that is a great opportunity for you to invite others!

FYI: This Sunday, April 8th, I’m starting a new series called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”  Read the first chapter of Philippians in preparation for Sunday’s message.

See ya here 😊

Pastor Pat

Easter Recap

KBC Family,
We are praising God for a wonderful Easter weekend!
So many of you contributed in so many different ways… I just want to say “thank you” to everyone who helped make Easter a success at KBC!
We sent out 1,000 postcards; our canvassing teams knocked on more than 1,500 doors; we sent 5,000 Facebook invitations; we shared the 3 Circles gospel presentation many times; our service project teams ministered in 15 different lawns; our basketball camp workers instructed 50 kids, and many of you made a huge effort to invite your friends and neighbors to join us for Easter.
In the end, we had a full house here at KBC and a good crowd at the river for the sunrise service. Most importantly, Jesus was worshiped passionately and the gospel was proclaimed boldly.
I thank God for the sweet spirit of this church and support our congregation showed for “Bless Bellwood” in preparation for Easter and our Revival (which starts in 11 days).
Thank you for caring, giving, serving, and sharing… I love you in the Lord and thank God for you.
Remember, Wednesday programs are cancelled this week for spring break…See ya Sunday!
Pastor Pat

Easter Festivities

Tomorrow is Good Friday…Can you believe that Easter weekend is already here?  I’m so excited about all that God is going to do this weekend at KBC and in churches all over the planet!

Please use email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, fliers, phone calls, and any other way you can think of, to promote our Easter festivities at KBC… Pull up the “Easter at Kingsland” Facebook announcement, and share it now if you haven’t already done so.

It’s going to be a very special day and we’re hoping for many folks to come and enjoy it, for some to get saved, for others to come back to the Lord, and for some to become a part of our church family.

This weekend at KBC:

  1. Today: KBC men’s basketball team play-off game in our gym (7:45 pm).
  2. Good Friday: Take time to worship your Savior and reflect on His sacrifice.
  3. Saturday: Set up for Sunrise service. Meet at KBC @ 3 pm to help Greg Edmonds w/chairs (taking them to Grubb Park)
  4. Sunday/Resurrection Day: Sunrise service at Grubb Park- 1 mile East of Rt. 1 on Rt. 10 (6:30 am), Breakfast in Scherer Hall (9:30 am), Egg Hunt (10:30 am), Resurrection worship service w/special soloists, testimonies, videos, and more! (11 am)

Please take a moment to pray for God to do something extraordinary at KBC this weekend!

See ya here😊

Pastor Pat

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