Amazing Things Happening @ KBC

Kingsland Family,

God has blessed our church this summer and used our members in powerful ways.  We sent out two teams to serve the Lord in June (to Lithuania and Baltimore).

Our mission teams were able to:

  1. Serve food to the hungry in Baltimore.
  2. Counsel and pray for the needy at the Transformation Center in Baltimore.
  3. Provide a 10-day music camp and basketball camp in Lithuania. After music camp ended, 18 Lithuanian kids presented a musical based on the Bible.
  4. Lead 5 church services in Lithuania.
  5. Preach, teach, worship, and give testimonies at the prison in Lithuania on three different occasions.
  6. Teach 20 sessions of English in Lithuania.
  7. Meet with individual Lithuanians (sharing the gospel with lost friends and encouraging believers).

Praise the Lord! Thanks to all who prayed or gave $ to make this happen…It really is a team effort. We will provide more mission trip testimonies at church this coming Sunday.

If you’re looking for your chance to serve others, our next big outreach effort is Vacation Bible School (July  15-19).  We have about half of the workers we need signed up so far.  Sign up to serve, or just reply to this email with your preferred area of ministry at VBS.

Lastly, 18 students and leaders left this morning for Student Life Camp in Myrtle Beach…Pray that God protects them and speaks to their hearts this week!  Summer camp is always a great place to see lives changed forever by the gospel.

Have a blessed day!

Pastor Pat

Amazing Week @ Kingsland

This is a huge week in the life of Kingsland. Let me tell a little about what has happened and what is going to happen over the next few days. Please take a moment to praise God for the awesome things He has done and cry out for His anointing on what will come:

*As church ended on Sunday, a young pregnant lady requested some assistance. We helped her and also introduced her to Lisa Haga who shared the gospel with her. That young woman prayed to receive Christ! I thank God that we are actively accomplishing the mission that God has given us, connecting people with Christ in RVA and around the world!

*On Sunday, our Lithuania team worshiped in the city of Panevezys…I’ll preach there this Sunday morning! Amazingly, they sang 2 songs (Oceans and Cornerstone) in the church there that we sang on Sunday at KBC.

*On Monday, our Lithuania team started 2 camps (basketball camp & music camp). I’m thrilled to tell you that both camps have two dozen kids each signed up already to participate. Let’s pray that God will open up opportunities for our folks to share the gospel, and pray that kids will come to Christ.

*Join us at a homegroup tonight (Wednesday at 6:30), ladies Bible study (Thursday at 9am), men’s softball (Friday night at Harry Daniels Park).

God has been so good to us…Let’s praise him for all His goodness and ask him to bless us greatly this coming week!

Pastor Pat

This Week @ KBC

Hope you’re having a great week…I prayed for you today! If you have a specific prayer concern, please just reply back.

Are you looking for some good Christian fellowship this weekend?  Then come watch the men’s softball team on Friday night (Harry Daniels Park) or catch the KBC bus at 5 PM on Saturday and go see the Richmond Flying Squirrels with the church family.

Would you like to make new friends and spend some time studying God’s Word?  Then come to Bible Study here at KBC on Sunday at 9:30 AM. We have classes for all ages, and we always have a good time.

Are you down in the dumps and need some encouragement?  Then come enjoy our “Don’t worry, be happy” series in Philippians here at KBC at 11 AM on Mother’s Day.  I have a message for everyone (not just moms) that you won’t want to miss…we’re studying Philippians 1:12-26.  Lastly, we’re especially thrilled that 4 precious children are getting baptized on Sunday morning!!!  It’s going to be a special morning that you won’t want to miss.

Come and bring a friend!!!

Pastor Pat

Revival Recap

Kingsland Family,


We are rejoicing for all the great things God did through our Rick Via revival!   I want you to be aware of the following:

  1. Lost people got saved at every service during the revival…Praise God!  We will never take that for granted. Now let’s all be bold, and seek out opportunities to share the gospel….use the 3 Circles…it’s pretty easy once you get the gospel conversation started.
  2. Church people (from KBC and other churches) were inspired through Rick Via to prioritize Christ, prepare for Christ’s return at any moment, trust the Lord through life’s storms, and become a church that is on fire for God (w/ anointed preaching, strong unity, and passion for evangelism).  We want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the revival services happen (security, greeters, nursery, community meal providers, ushers, video, sound, band, staff, promotion/advertising, praying, attending, inviting, etc.). It was a sweet time together!
  3. We’ll be back Wednesday (6:30 pm) and Sunday (9:30 am & 11 am). We’re baptizing on Sunday, so if you or someone you know needs it; just let me know.
  4. In two Sundays (April 29th at 5:30 pm), we’re having a movie night/chili cook-off. Make plans to participate and to bring a friend to see “The Case for Christ.”
  5. On Monday, Bill Bradley passed away.  Pray for Judy and her family.  Visitation is on Wednesday at 6 pm at J.T. Morris in Chester.  Graveside service is on Thursday at 11 am at Sunset.
  6. Pray for Mrs. La Pierre… She has moved into hospice care.  Rick Via talked about our former pastor, Frank La Pierre, several times at the revival.  God used Pastor La Pierre and his wife in extraordinary ways in our church for many years. We are still benefiting from the buildings they built back then and from the folks who were saved and transformed by the power of the gospel 30 and 40 years ago.  Now Mrs. La Pierre is in need of our prayers and support.  Pray for her son Jan as he looks after her.
  7. Lastly, there is a spaghetti dinner (fundraiser for youth camp) in the Family Life Center after church this Sunday!

I love you in the Lord and am praying for you….Have a blessed day!

Pastor Pat

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