A Few Things to Consider

Kingsland Family,

Here are a few things to think about.

  1. Stay healthy…Practice social distancing… Stay in the Word and prayer!
  2. Keep an eye out and an ear open for ways you can bless others during this crisis. We are still the “light of the world,” during this dark time.
  3. Pull up this Sunday’s live worship service on Facebook Live at 11 am.  If you have not already “liked” the Kingsland page; do so right now, so we can keep in close communication. I am finishing my sermon from Jeremiah 1 this Sunday, and I’ll be speaking in real-time from KBC, so please pull it up, and make a comment so we can interact.  My plan is to answer any questions and dialogue with those who make posts.
  4. Engage in Bible study at 9:30 am this Sunday on Facebook live….Jef Foley is teaching the March 22nd Exploring the Bible lesson, so you won’t want to miss it.
  5. Watch all prior Sunday worship services on Youtube any time it’s convenient for you.
  6. Be on the look-out for Wednesday night Facebook live offerings (more interactive and fun for the whole family).
  7. Remember to give/tithe (mail in a check, bring a check to the church office, or connect with your bank to do it automatically)… Our ministry goes forward, and we need your financial support now more than ever.
  8. Use this time of isolation and lack of distractions to grow closer to Jesus.  He is obviously trying to get our attention, so talk with Him, and see what He wants from you.
  9. Pray for healing for those who are sick…Pray for a vaccine and for advanced treatments to deal with those who are already infected.  Pray for revival in our nation and around the globe.
  10. Keep a positive attitude…We are children of the Father who loves us and is going to be with us and take care of us. Remember Romans 8:28…This is all going to work out for God’s glory and our good!

God bless,

Pastor Pat

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