Amazing Things Happening @ KBC

Kingsland Family,

God has blessed our church this summer and used our members in powerful ways.  We sent out two teams to serve the Lord in June (to Lithuania and Baltimore).

Our mission teams were able to:

  1. Serve food to the hungry in Baltimore.
  2. Counsel and pray for the needy at the Transformation Center in Baltimore.
  3. Provide a 10-day music camp and basketball camp in Lithuania. After music camp ended, 18 Lithuanian kids presented a musical based on the Bible.
  4. Lead 5 church services in Lithuania.
  5. Preach, teach, worship, and give testimonies at the prison in Lithuania on three different occasions.
  6. Teach 20 sessions of English in Lithuania.
  7. Meet with individual Lithuanians (sharing the gospel with lost friends and encouraging believers).

Praise the Lord! Thanks to all who prayed or gave $ to make this happen…It really is a team effort. We will provide more mission trip testimonies at church this coming Sunday.

If you’re looking for your chance to serve others, our next big outreach effort is Vacation Bible School (July  15-19).  We have about half of the workers we need signed up so far.  Sign up to serve, or just reply to this email with your preferred area of ministry at VBS.

Lastly, 18 students and leaders left this morning for Student Life Camp in Myrtle Beach…Pray that God protects them and speaks to their hearts this week!  Summer camp is always a great place to see lives changed forever by the gospel.

Have a blessed day!

Pastor Pat

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