Are You Ready for Revival?

This is the week we’ve all been waiting on and praying about for so long!
Would you take a moment to pray again for Evangelist Rick Via, your church family, this community, and most importantly, yourself? We are all in need of revival. I hope to see you here for each of the 4 revival services.
If you’re willing, take a few minutes and use email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, fliers, phone calls, personal visits, and any other method at your disposal to invite folks to attend our revival services!
Even if you forgot to sign up, you can still participate in our catered banquet on Saturday night ($12 per person/$35 per family). Also, all the evening services officially begin at 6:30 pm, but there will be music starting beforehand, so if you’re already here eating, feel free to come to the worship center and get started early. We’re still feeding the community on Monday night, but we’re not prepared to accommodate church members (unless you call ahead and reserve a place so the community meal leaders can order more food if needed).
Lastly, Christy Wontz is seeking helpers to work one night in the nursery…If you’re willing, just reply to this message specifying which night you can serve. We need nursery workers for Saturday evening @ 6:30 pm, Sunday evening @ 6:30 pm, and Monday evening @ 6:30 pm.
Here’s what’s happening this week.
*Tuesday: Mission Committee meeting (6:30 pm)
*Wednesday: Adult and kids’ programs (6:30 pm)
*Thursday: Women’s Bible study (9:30 am)
*Saturday: Brocks BBQ at 5 pm (in the gym), mini-concert (6:30 pm) with an evangelistic message by Rick Via
*Sunday: Normal Sunday school classes, Rick Via will be with the youth (9:30 am), Rick Via speaking in our worship service (11 am), Youth ice cream & open gym (5 pm), Rick Via and the youth band (6:30 pm)
*Monday: Community night with Rick Via…Red Letter Society leading worship (6:30 pm)
*Next Wednesday: normal adult and kids’ programs (6:30 pm)
Let’s pray for God to move in an extraordinary way at Kingsland over the next week! Pray for God to save lost souls and bring revival to Christians that will change things (marriages, parenting, giving, witnessing, serving, loving God and others).
Thanks for being part of the KBC family…I prayed for you today!
Pastor Pat

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