Election Day

“Thank you” to everyone who is working hard to make CARITAS happen this week!!!  Last night, our Bible Study Fellowship class had a great time serving the meal and sharing the gospel with the ladies.  Let’s pray that God saves souls, encourages hearts, and blesses the individuals He brings us.  Remember, there are no Wednesday evening programs this week.

Also, let’s pray for our nation.  Tuesday is election day, and we need to be on our knees seeking God’s face, crying out for his mercy, repenting for our sins, and making supplication for our land. We are the free-est nation on earth, but those religious liberties are constantly under attack.  We must be vigilant and engaged!  According to 1 Timothy 2:2, we are required to pray for all those in authority (judicial, legislative, and executive branch), and as Americans we are blessed to be able to vote for good folks to come into positions of power!  It is a sacred privilege, so we should all be prayerful in choosing God-fearing men and women who believe in the constitution and will defend biblical morality and protect us (especially those who are defenseless). KBC doesn’t endorse candidates, but we do admonish our members to get involved and exercise our freedoms so there will never come a day when those freedoms are eliminated. Ultimately, we know that no human politician, leader or government will save us…Our help comes from the Lord!!!

If you’re free tonight Capitol Commission Virginia is conducting a prayer walk at the state capitol lawn at 5pm. http://www.capitolcom.org/virginia/event/3978/2018-capitol-cookout-prayer-walk

Let’s pray for God to move in our nation, protect us, bless us, and have his will done “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Pastor Pat

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