God’s Amazing Plan

Hey Kingsland Family,

I hope and pray that you’re having a terrific Thursday! I just checked out the weather forecast and am thankful to report that the temps are going up a bit this weekend, so we’ll be together again here at KBC on Sunday morning. Remember, we’re meeting at 11 am in the sanctuary (observing social distancing and suggesting mask usage) and still offering a mandatory mask service in the fellowship hall at 9:30. Last Sunday, our attendance doubled in the 9:30 service, so we’re hoping it will double again this time😊.  I’ve prepared a sermon from Genesis 35 entitled, God’s Amazing Plan, that I’m very excited to deliver. Do you believe that God has an amazing plan for your life? Do you trust that His plan is superior to any other alternative? I believe that is true and will explain why in this very important message. Sometimes God’s agenda is quite different for us than we would have planned for ourselves, but it is always superior. Our goal should be to discern His plan/will for our lives and live that out passionately for His glory! There is much about that subject that we can glean from the life of Jacob/Israel in Genesis 35. I hope to see you here Sunday at 9:30 am, or 11 am or on Facebook Livestream (11 am only).

If you missed Sunday’s online worship service, here’s a link that will take you to it: https://www.facebook.com/kingslandbaptist/videos/113066473997257

God bless!

Pastor Pat

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