Happy New Year!

KBC Family,

I hope that you will use the new year as an opportunity to get deeper into God’s Word.  We are suggesting the Foundations Bible reading plan (attached) for our members to use in 2021. I’ll be preaching on Sundays from a Bible passage that we’ve all read throughout the week, and we’ll walk through the Bible (Genesis to Revelation) over the course of the year.  This Sunday morning I’m preaching online from the second chapter of Genesis (no in-person services), so please read ahead.  On January 17th, we plan to be back together for in-person worship and Bible study classes here at KBC (9:30 and 11 am). Remember our 9:30 service has moved to Scherer Hall and requires wearing a mask.

I believe that we are living in what the Scriptures describe as “perilous times” in the “last days” and I sincerely feel that today more than ever…I believe that the return of our Savior could happen any day, but until then we are called to stand firm on Scripture and actively share the gospel without fear. While the task may get more and more difficult because of the religious oppression that is on our doorstep in the U.S., our commission has not changed.  I am deeply concerned for the future of our country because we’ve apparently elected a majority of men and women into power who do not honor Scripture or possess a biblical world view, but I have faith that God can turn things around and feel that we need to pray more fervently than ever that He will do so. Let’s pray for revival!  Let’s pray for national repentance!  Let’s be people who love the Word of God and who endeavor to faithfully live out what it says to do.  Let’s get engaged in the process and take a bold stand!  I strongly believe that we need to be more engaged than ever in the political process (regarding the sanctity of life, compassion issues, morality, biblical marriage, education issues, anti-socialism/communism,  especially freedom of religion/speech issues, etc.), and at the same time, we must never forget that our ultimate citizenship is in Heaven where we will live forever with our Savior. The ultimate solution is only found in the gospel…people need Jesus!  Whatever difficulties we endure, our future is extremely bright.  Whatever suffering that is inflicted upon us, it will all be more than worth it. I like the old preacher who suggested, “don’t be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good!”  Let’s exercise our God-given freedoms!  We are salt, and we are light, and we’re going to be ok!

I love you and thank God for you and your family.  Let me know if there is something I can pray about for you.

Happy New Year!

Pastor Pat

Bible Plan can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wE6TorT0riIAg-7BEXhYljHtlILuuDIv/view?fbclid=IwAR0s-q4yaybZ079hyQ7aCxGmTEbcpJorRdrEJWt5gj0_Vt57SLEFk7cotf8




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