Kingsland Family,
The staff just finished our morning prayer time…We prayed through some of Psalm 86 together, and it was wonderful. On Sunday I urged you to use Psalm 86 as a guide for prayer this week. How’s it going? Have you tried it yet? How has God responded to your prayers? If you’ve not yet done it; take a few minutes to pray Psalm 86 right now or at lunch. I’d love to hear feedback from you how God is blessing your life as you pray the Bible. Verse 17 says “show me a sign of your favor.” That almost feels a little presumptuous, but we can pray that today, knowing that God hears us and will respond in His time and in His way. Yesterday morning I prayed that verse, and by lunchtime, God responded. I prayed earlier that God would give me a chance to share the gospel, and he gave me that opportunity. I had the privilege of meeting and sharing the gospel with a sweet lady who responded by praying to receive Christ as Savior. It was awesome! God is under no obligation to show us a sign or do anything we ask, but sometimes He graciously does it. Ask God for something specific now, and see what He does.
On Sunday Steve Freeman is singing at Kingsland! This is the perfect opportunity to invite a friend to join you at church.
July 14th- VBS kicks off (6 pm). Sign up your kids, sign up to serve, invite your neighbors/friends, pass out fliers, and share the advertisement on social media. Pastor Justin and I are looking for helpers to join us in visiting homes locally of AWANA kids and last year’s VBS kids to invite them to come to VBS…If you’re interested in going out with us, call the church office or message one of us.
Praying for you today!
Pastor Pat

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