Special Prayer Request

Special Prayer Request
Would you please take a moment to read this email and say a prayer. I want you to pray for a man I’ve never met…This man is a hero and worthy of our concern and heartfelt prayers. On Tuesday night Elisabeth and I (and our boys) pulled off of I 95 to offer assistance to some folks who had a minor accident. Before we pulled up a man by the name of Scott Burdett had already stepped out to help. Tragically, about 30 seconds later Scott was struck by a separate vehicle that was driving by at full speed. It was awful. I can’t even describe the horrible sound of the cars colliding together. Miraculously, Scott survived the incident…A VA State Police officer arrived immediately, and EMTs were within sight in the distance when he was struck, and they (along with a nurse who stepped up to help) worked on him. Please pray for Scott, his wife Jessica, and their children at this very difficult time as he remains in critical condition. I exchanged messages with her this morning and assured her of our prayers! They also have Gofund me account set up so you can give to help them if you choose. This horrible event just reminded me and my family of how fragile life is…Everything can change in an instant. Scripture teaches that our lives are like “a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” It’s so important that we be ready for eternity and that we help everyone around us to be prepared too.
Bless Bellwood
I want to give a big “Thank You” for 60 KBC members who are participating in Bless Bellwood…We are endeavoring to share the love of Jesus in this community in practical ways. Last Sunday, we helped several folks with lawn work, personally invited every home in Bellwood Manor to KBC, and gave out 40 welcome bags to homeowners in the new neighborhood near KBC. I’ve heard multiple stories of the 3 Circles gospel presentation being shared! Praise the Lord!
This Sunday is looking a little scary with the rain, but there are still plenty of chances to serve. First, Pastor Ronaldo is taking about 20 Nueva Esperanza members out on Saturday to canvass the Dutch Gap neighborhood. They’ll meet at KBC at 9am…you are welcome to join him (they’d love to have a few more English speakers to go out together with them the next 2 Saturdays). You can contact Pastor Ronaldo at ronaldomunoz97@yahoo.com if you want to discuss details.
On Sunday, we’ll have BSF (9:30) and worship (11), and then we’ll eat lunch in the FLC. If it’s wet outside, we won’t do lawn work, but so long as it is not raining, we will still distribute fliers in Quail Oaks neighborhood. Also, we start Basketball camp at 2 pm so we can use the extra help with picking up kids on the bus/vans and help to keep them under control in the gym.
Let’s pray for God to heal bodies, saves souls, change lives, Bless Bellwood, and bring revival!
Pastor Pat

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